Friday, October 9, 2015

Autumn in My Heart

Vibrant and lucid, the trees are ignited in Autumn blaze.
Return again, the whistling winds in sunlit sky.
The time has come for us to reflect
and to celebrate
the magnificence of today and of this place.

I look not to Winter when the leaves are gone,
nor back, with regrets, jolly Spring
and dazzling Summer funs.
Calm, peaceful, and restored by the glory of nature,
I wish to share with you my happiness, love,
and contentment…

That is how I feel about “Autumn" since Autumn always touches me more than any other season. I was born in Autumn. My father passed away on my 15th Birthday.  My late husband also died in Autumn, exactly 1 month before my birthdate. Yet for me, Autumn is not about dying, it’s about beauty. It’s a time to reflect, meditate, and to appreciate what Nature does to indulge us with magnificent colors, with nourishing rain, and with exquisite and melancholic changes when sea birds fly south for the winter and monarch butterflies migrate. This is the ideal time to give love and to reflect…

END.  October 9th, 2015


  1. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, it always inspire an odd kind of nostalgia within me and makes me melancholic at times but the colors of the changing leaves always manage to make me smile.